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As of late, the financial waters have turned turbulent. Many have been lost to the seas: drowning in debt..."under water" so to speak.
This site is dedicated to sharing the financial lessons I have learned (and continue to learn) along my fiscal journey, so that anyone who may be in a similar place in their life, can have access to the same financial tools and knowledge I have acquired through my extensive research and my repeated failures. With this hard-earned financial intelligence, it is my hope that we can each go from having money baggage to simply having money bags. Nothing I say, however, is of the get-rich-quick variety. It is just simple, practical and proven financial advice. Who am I? I am ODYSSEUS RICHMOND, and I was just your run of the mill underachiever from a working class family, who went from barely graduating high school in 2003 to graduating magna cum laude from an Ivy League University nearly a decade later. Since earning my college degree in 2013, my financial outlook has changed quite dramatically, but probably not in the way that you're thinking. You see, I graduated from college with far more debt than brains. That is, college taught me many important life-changing lessons, but unfortunately most were unintentional and outside of both, the classroom and my chosen field of study.
At the end of 2018, after years of working hard at a job I hated and 
coming up empty for far too long -- pursuing different business ventures and passion projects -- I found myself unemployed with approximately one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of debt. Both, student loans and credit cards had got the better of me (or should I say the worst?) I always thought I knew a lot about money and how to manage it; I mean, I was smart enough to contribute to my 401(k) at the job I had after college, I knew how compound interest worked, and I liked to buy and sell stocks online like I was Jim Cramer or something. I cannot believe how naive 
and stupid I was. If my educational pedigree is supposed to tell the 
world that I am one of the "smart" ones, then may God have mercy on all our financial souls. 
I definitely made all the wrong money moves. Nevertheless, some good has come of it. It has made me wiser and stronger. The lessons I have learned have come at a great cost to me, but in the spirit of giving (which is, paradoxically, a very important element of building wealth) I have created this site for anyone in need, to freely learn these financial lessons right along side me, and hopefully together we will each prosper as a result of our monetary savvy and fiscal knowhow. 
Let's take the financial journey together. This is my Monetary Odyssey.
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